Monuments to Human Enlightenment

by Erebus

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released March 1, 2011


all rights reserved



Erebus Madison, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Global Era
Global commerce, the savings are passed to you
As to from where those savings came, that's an afterthought
Freedom from consequences makes the world go 'round
Consumers don't ask questions
Why question the inevitable?
Stockholders sing a merry tune
Banana trees with twisted roots
That overwhelm the seedlings
That cling to life, dwarfed by the trees
A weak hold on unstable ground
We regret our pesticide's unforeseen effects
Leukemia and birth defects
Whatcha gonna do?
Gonna sue us mother fuckers?
Try and fucking sue us!
Even in war, workers can be outsourced
Mercenaries are war-profiteers
Travel the world, have great job security
Man, what a swell career!
Avalanche of junk
A third world garbage heap
We sow the seeds of chaos
The harvest ours to reap
Why pay adults to work the mines
When kids are just as cheap
What are human rights abuses? I dunno
Just look at our bottom line
Global commerce is broken
The culture of impunity must be eradicated
Feel like I'm talking to myself
Even I believed I've lost my fucking mind
Wanna rip my fucking eyes out
To purge psychotic visions from my head
Concerned, the doctors bring my medication
I guess the truth can drive a man insane
Once there was a hive of bees whose honey was sublime
Mr. cockroach found a way to get what was inside
He promised riches to a drone
Through civil war, he gained the throne
Meanwhile, the cockroach gorged himself on the prize
Ah! Ah! Ah-ah!
There's gold in them thar hills!
Ah! Ah! Ah-ah!
We're taking your fucking land
It’s really not our fault
Pretty sure it's not our fault
I guess sometimes a civil war just erupts
Sustainable mining, safe waste disposal
Chemical spills mean capital gains
Now I guess zykklon b is a vacuum
Man how the times have changed
Why rely on workers
When slaves work just as well
Government contracts give new meaning to
The phrase 'don't ask, don't tell'
This medication gives you AIDS
Do you think it will sell?
No court in the world would convict us, literally
Just look at our bottom line
Global commerce is broken
The culture of impunity must be eradicated
Feel like I'm talking to myself
Even I believed I've lost my fucking mind
Wanna rip my fucking eyes out
To purge psychotic visions from my head
Concerned, the doctors bring my medication
I guess the truth can drive a man insane
In the garden
Lies the great leviathan
Whose tentacles
Reach out to draw in helpless prey
Beware the garden
The beast will soon outgrow its lair
What was hidden
Will rise to devour us all
Track Name: Deus Vult
Patron-client relationship falls apart
When the client dictates to the patron
Why do we support a blatant pattern of aggression when the decades of alliance are Devoid of any benefit
You've supported a just crusade
Says Jesus, winking and giving a thumbs up
When the day of judgment arrives
We shall receive our reward
They begged for peace, but all in vain
And now only enemies remain
It's no secret who provided the bombs that destroyed their homes
Former foes cooperate
While nuclear bombs proliferate
And now it’s time to face reality
We have not derived a single benefit from this alliance
Israel has now become a massive liability
Guess I'll say it slower for the State Department's benefit
Israel has become a massive liability
Get it yet, you fucking retards?
Radical elements gains credibility
When moderate leaders can't find a resolution
Soon their enemies become our own
A self-fulfilling prophecy
We alone can do what's needed to end this apartheid but ironically we use morality to justify inaction
God's impressed with what we've achieved
Now Palestine belongs to his people
When the day of judgment arrives
We shall receive our reward
Through settlements
The word belies the true intent
Terror used to justify
Repression of the colonized
Autonomy denied
A wall ensures a lesser race
Will not pollute their living space
Cast out
Land purified
They left their homes behind
A long forgotten massacre
A suburb stands where it occurred
They waited for
Pretext to start a war
We cheer on their atrocities
In the name of democracy
Our support has never faded
In fact, I think, it was never debated
I guess bipartisanship is not a dream
Those who dare to criticize
Commit political suicide
But now it’s time to face reality
Israel cannot rely on our support without conditions
We have overstretched our forces and destabilized a region
Guess I'll say it slower for the State Department's benefit
We've overstretched our forces and destabilized a region
Get it yet, you fucking retards?
We invaded Iraq to protect Jerusalem
Bringing Iran closer to dominance
Syria arms Iraqi insurgents 'cause it feels the regime might be next to fall
No one seems to care or even criticize a policy that anyone can see is not in anybody's interest
When I wrote to ask him why
My Congressman sent the following answer
When the day of judgment arrives
We shall receive our reward
Track Name: Injustice System
Long Ago
There was a land
Where vengeance reigned supreme
Just sit back,
And I will tell the tale of the
Injustice system
Lacking in rehabilitation
Recidivism rises
Minor offenders flood the system
And are corrupted by it
Housing the soaring population
An easy check to sign
Never mind that the programs they cut
Are those which lower crime
Should I run that back for you, motherfuckers?
With no class to subjugate
Society collapses
As society degenerates
The scapegoat class expands
Locking away the underclasses
Out of sight, out of mind
Fighting the symptoms, not the causes
A sick society
Waging a war for public support
Only the strong survive
Guiding the sword in the hand of justice
The passions of the mob
Vengeance motivates our legislation
Nancy Grace is squawking
I want to cut her fucking throat
Terrified, the sheep tune in
Thanking God for the prison system
Unseen, the victims pull the strings
Their lynching ropes are hidden in briefcases
Ironically, the judge proclaims:
“May God have mercy on your soul”
Clean up your act?
Even if you do your sentence wont reflect it
Kids stay in class
They’re changing all the rules so they can lock your ass away
Good politics meets terrible policies
The toughest states
Have seen their crime rates increase
Ignoring crumbling state finance they’ll say
“All things considered, it’s quite a small price to pay”
Crowded in cells like livestock
Fear of the lash maintains control
Vicious gangs their sole support
When sadistic guards act as social workers
Isolation chamber
The backwards nature of the system exemplified
Suicide, the sweet release
May God have mercy on your soul
Vigilante justice on a budget and the contradictions inherent have created the status quo
The ever present specter of privatization lurking in the shadows well aware his time is near
Well kids, the story’s over
Now who can tell me what they learned from this tale?
What smart little boys and girls, that’s right!
It’s that the system is doomed to fucking fail
Track Name: The Regression of Man
Those people were marched to their graves and we waited for candy as we watched the parade
When you realize your enemies are worms that might be when you lose track of the bodies you burned
National sovereignty deified, you cant build a power plant but genocide's fine
Slaughter your people en masse, kill a peacekeeper get a missile up your ass

How many people have to die
Before we call it genocide
Oh, does it really matter why the human skulls are piled up
When one commits a crime
Does the punishment depend on how or why?
He died happily in bed, cozy and warm, he was protected by the laws that he ignored
When a child's head is bashed into the ground
Does it make a sound if no one is around?

Feel no remorse, powerful enough that we cant hope to enforce
the rules
By giving up and just forgetting a crime, we miss an opportunity to keep ‘em in line
When thousands of Armenians were butchered and raped, it didn’t take Hitler very long to relate
The message to the purpose of his murderous plot
You think we would have learned, but alas, we did not

Exterminate the opposition
Ill have a shish-ka-baby
Counter revolution
That’s not a banana
Execute the saboteurs
New people, old people
Show no mercy,
We ignore the truth and nod our heads
It’s much better this way
What could we do?
Don’t you remember all the money we gave?
Well apologize later, we wont forget the flowers
You can lay them atop the mass grave
Mass grave
Mass grave
Mass grave

The human race, dead and disgraced, witness the regression of man

And when the furnaces are lit
Will we stand by and watch them burn?
What are these things that we’ve become?
We’ve left humanity behind
If god existed, he is dead

Collective intervention can reduce current incentives to rely on idle threats
Regionalization can discourage the creation of a mass of refugees
Independent groups can help ensure treaty compliance and a firm united front
Outlining expectations and subsequent course of action when demands have not been met

But they won’t do it on their own
But they won’t do it on their own
Track Name: Good for Nothing
Jeffrey Sachs laid out the facts, he’s here to save the day
He called Bono on the telephone - oh, god he was just blown away
Checkbooks out, we'll save the world the Brangelina way

I bet they’re poor because they cannot invest,
We'll send ‘em money and we'll hope for the best
We wash our hands of it and give ourselves a pat on the back
‘Cuz when investing I just look for a place
That is renowned for all the following traits
Corrupt, destabilized and lacking courts and property rights
Hand cash out to the poor
Committed evermore
The state no stronger than before

Jolly good! We’ve built a road, now we can relax
Where’s the sex appeal in making sure we’ve filled the cracks?

After seventy years of decline you think it might have
Been because of the aid we gave or just in spite of?
Refusing to learn, paternalism returned
We threw gas on the flame and deflected the blame when it burned

Now they’ll change their ways if they want some of what we got
They cant pay their cronies when the IMF's calling the shots
Another loan is squandered, wow, that sure seems to happen a lot

From these conditions leaders have to be freed
So they can pay for what they desperately need,
A foreign bank account, a palace and a secret police
It’s great to make the state a valuable prize
Nigeria's success cannot be denied
As long a structural adjustment loans are finally gone
Who needs capacity?
Cash comes from overseas
We’ve pledged our aid eternally

Raise your glasses, chaps, that dam we built just made the news
Maybe when it springs a leak we'll send a tube of glue

After seventy years of decline you think it might have
Been because of the aid we gave or just in spite of?
Refusing to learn, paternalism returned
We threw gas on the flame and deflected the blame when it burned

There is no farm that can compete when the food dropped from the sky stinks of U.S. subsidies
Why would you foster regional trade when you get your food for free from the white men in blue helmets?

[We] didn’t mean to create
The Prebendalist state,
But the tyrants took their seats at the table we set and they ate
And ate
[But] did we try to explore?
Did the scraps on the floor
Feed the poor
They were intended for?
Were not responsible for adverse effects
We closed our checkbooks and our minds

The nation's future is bleak
But should we give the government the money they seek?
Just to keep ‘em alive,
We'll give into their cries,
They wont create the institutions that they need to survive
We’re not responsible for adverse effects
We closed our checkbook and our minds

Artificial states
In a state of authentic stasis
As much oppressed by the iron fist
As by the open hand
Since independence
They’ve been dependent
Global pariah
Condemned to suffer
Track Name: Life and Death in the Land of Hope
Is it a tax cut bringing us hope,
Is it a bailout bringing us change?
Is it a face on a fucking magazine?
What does it feel like to be chosen,
To be alive in this golden age
Nothing has changed, nothing will change, I have no hope

What’s the point of hope when you’re stuck inside the poverty trap?
As you struggle to get free
It will only pull you deeper
Dad's laid off, barely getting by,
But you’re just above an invisible line
You try to apply but get
( )
But don’t worry change is coming

I’m sure if we all believe despicable inequities in access to a decent education will be remedied
Hey kids, pop quiz if one society that doesn't emphasize education and one increasingly global labor market are on a collision course
How long will it be till they collide?

The day after election day
They said change wont come right away
You fell for the fucking hype
You fell for the mother fucking hype

An inbox checked each day in vain
Each silent 'no' a stabbing pain
Months go by, you’re losing hope
Bills like daggers in envelopes
Do you hope for death each day while sending out your resume?
Don’t you worry, never fear, the ambassador of hope is here

All the gods in heaven had a meeting to select him and they told their prophet Oprah of their choice
Now the rain will turn to candy, cars will run on happiness and everywhere the people will rejoice

Sure you’ve got a job but in Bangalour they do it cheaper, just to save a buck you’ll get the boot
[The] boss [is] cutting costs, it’s your benefits under the knife for profit it’s the price that must be paid
Don’t look down when walking on the tightrope of the market for there is nothing to catch you when you fall
Going out of business and your pension's going too, I’m sure the CEO is crying on his yacht

With the congress as his lapdog
And the mandate he received
I will not accept excuses
I have taken shit for far too long

When your pills are more precious than gold
It’s obvious who has control
Pill pushers are pulling the strings
God help us
Going through life uninsured,
Which is worse the disease or the cure
The rest of us trusted our lives to the free market
Parasitic HMOs put price tags on our lives
They lose money when we live and profit when we die
Track Name: Natural Enemy
A war unending
Two enemies locked in combat
At last a victor will emerge
The lines are drawn
The battle drags on and on
War of attrition
We all will suffer
Immortal remnants
Of chemical war fill my lungs
No living soul
Can remember the world as it was
The spoils
Of conquest
A shit-covered concrete monstrosity
Pulling the strings
Driving the war machine on
The weapon of choice
The subdivision
Crushing, killing, burning, drilling
The end of a battle that's lasted millenia
Now nature will finally submit to our will
Its death drawing near
The locust consumes
A gluttonous feast
Mindless, devouring all
The forests are scorched, the oceans are teeming with waste
Just look at the garden of Eden we've built in their place
Since the Permian Era we've focused our eyes on the prize
Millions of species have valiantly given their lives
Even our kind must suffer the horrors of war
I'm sure that the rich will suffer as much as the poor
What once was
Won't return
Fuel for the engine of progress
Ice age
Will follow the thaw
Tropics expand
Pestilence spreading
The market commands
Developing world
That's not a fucking excuse
Wake up
You piece of shit
Talking point clone
You make me sick
Who will benefit when
The war reaches its conclusion?
Ensures this war
Never ends
This eternal struggle will decide the
Of our world
Track Name: When the Battle's Over
Dawn breaks
The world grows dark and cold, the end that was foretold
Now realized
The faithful fall, fall to their knees and
This dying day
As silent death flies swift to claim their souls

The human race awakes, called to eternal sleep
Sirens sing the dreaded dirge of death

You cowards
Seek shelter in your burrows, buried deep
So close now
Ignore the sounds of terror
Above the helpless victims are engulfed by the flames
A child clings to his mother
A single tear rolls down his face as he dies

Like worms their leaders lie in wake
After the storm they will emerge

Dust and ash
We once were
Now to that
We return
Where there was beauty a wasteland remains
The sun and the stars have foresaken this place

Bodies unburied
Corroded by acid rain
No tomb for the innocent
Food for the vermin that live to inherit the earth
Supplies running low
Survivors emerge
Soon they will suffer and die for their treachery

Clutching their throats they gasp for breath
Writing in pain as their insides are cooked
Those who remained hidden below seal off their tomb
A plague on this earth
Finally extinct
Buried ten thousand feet deep by the unyielding snow
For the first thousand years it fell
The purity of snow
The horror beneath

Winter fades
Melts away
A barren rock
Revealed in its wake
As spring arrives
That which survived
Will rise to claim the earth

Washed away is the memory of man
Purged, forgotten, lost
Structures crumble under natures embrace
All remnants condemned to dust

So called progress is meaningless, lost in the abyss of time
When our final battle is over
No trace of us will survive

The forgotten sun
Casts off its blackened shroud
Stars once banished now return to the sky
All the brighter in the absence of man

So called progress is meaningless, lost in the abyss of time
When our final battle is over
No trace of us will survive

When our final battles over will it help to duck and cover?
Track Name: Hegemon
Chaos once again descends, the war of all against all
From inequality to social unrest, you fend for yourself
Father come and save us, your children are hungry and cold
Man, we’ve been in time-out a lot, but brand new toys are coming soon

We’re backward but luckily we know the way out
Got Papa Joe to show me the way
We know who to blame for all our pain and poverty
An enemy to justify increasing suffering

Tyrant savior, the blind will lead the blind
Father killed himself but the economy was homicide
Trotsky or Khodorkovsky the trend remains
Lock up the economy in autocratic chains
Stagnation ends with an 'n' but in Ghana that’s where it began
Isolation, domination the cry for justice is back again

Alone and weak in the sea
While sharks swim below
We stand by and watch the sea turn red
It’s in our interest to act, while we still have a chance
To save the hopeless masses from the jaws of death

Hegemon must rise

Supremacy once again ascends, at the expense of the weak
Exploiters only think of cutting the cost, as in the days of old
It’s a race to the bottom, a race that no one wins
Comparative advantage comes at a price, we reap the dividends of misery

We suffer, but luckily there’s a way to fight back
It’s crude, but it just might work
The victims of the war between the great economies,
The corpses of the poor lie rotting on the battlefield

Britain made cloth that was multi-hued but the bones of the Indian weavers were Bleached white
When the imperialists came they robbed and they stole and when they left there was Nothing to see but a hole
Sent to work sewing soccer balls if you complain about your wage then you’ll get Nothing at all

There’s no mercy for the weak, they cant develop on their own, take out a loan, and give Up sovereignty
Work and hope you get out of poverty, work and hope you get out of poverty
Shit, the Thais are tied and you’re fucked
Band together to fight the oppressors, band together to fight the oppressors
Stabbed in the back, the war drags on

And when elephants fight
The grass pays the price
We stand by and watch the suicide
It’s in our interest to act
While we still have a chance to save the hopeless masses from the jaws of death

Hegemon must rise

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