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Injustice System

from Monuments to Human Enlightenment by Erebus

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Long Ago
There was a land
Where vengeance reigned supreme
Just sit back,
And I will tell the tale of the
Injustice system
Lacking in rehabilitation
Recidivism rises
Minor offenders flood the system
And are corrupted by it
Housing the soaring population
An easy check to sign
Never mind that the programs they cut
Are those which lower crime
Should I run that back for you, motherfuckers?
With no class to subjugate
Society collapses
As society degenerates
The scapegoat class expands
Locking away the underclasses
Out of sight, out of mind
Fighting the symptoms, not the causes
A sick society
Waging a war for public support
Only the strong survive
Guiding the sword in the hand of justice
The passions of the mob
Vengeance motivates our legislation
Nancy Grace is squawking
I want to cut her fucking throat
Terrified, the sheep tune in
Thanking God for the prison system
Unseen, the victims pull the strings
Their lynching ropes are hidden in briefcases
Ironically, the judge proclaims:
“May God have mercy on your soul”
Clean up your act?
Even if you do your sentence wont reflect it
Kids stay in class
They’re changing all the rules so they can lock your ass away
Good politics meets terrible policies
The toughest states
Have seen their crime rates increase
Ignoring crumbling state finance they’ll say
“All things considered, it’s quite a small price to pay”
Crowded in cells like livestock
Fear of the lash maintains control
Vicious gangs their sole support
When sadistic guards act as social workers
Isolation chamber
The backwards nature of the system exemplified
Suicide, the sweet release
May God have mercy on your soul
Vigilante justice on a budget and the contradictions inherent have created the status quo
The ever present specter of privatization lurking in the shadows well aware his time is near
Well kids, the story’s over
Now who can tell me what they learned from this tale?
What smart little boys and girls, that’s right!
It’s that the system is doomed to fucking fail


from Monuments to Human Enlightenment, released March 1, 2011


all rights reserved



Erebus Madison, Wisconsin

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